Larry Smith

Caribbean Payments Gateway has undertaken a number of website enhancement and digital marketing strategy projects for us in the last six months. Their ability to focus on the core issues of each project, collect and collate supporting information and steer us in the right direction has been invaluable to us. It is also vitally important that we have faith and trust in our external consultants as we frequently share sensitive and confidential information with them. Caribbean Payments Gateway has both our respect and trust and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Matt Mondle

We have worked extensively with Caribbean Payments Gateway for over a year across a wide range of assignments. We initially appointed them to assist in resolving some long-standing issues. However we have been sufficiently impressed with their expertise, project management skills and energy that the role was expanded to include support with website development, branding, and payment gateway solutions. Caribbean Payments Gateway’s support has been invaluable during a period of significant change for us and I would fully endorse their excellent interpersonal skills, breadth of knowledge and professional approach.

Charles Douglas

I have known and valued the thoughtful input, analysis and attention to detail of the Caribbean Payments Gateway Team for a long time now, but was only recently sharply reminded when their skill and judgment augmented an important body of work I was preparing in a limited timescale. If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes to look at an existing or new project or business, Caribbean Payments Gateway will provide the perspective you need to deliver an enhanced solution.

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